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Are tea drinkers too fussy?

Cathy Horan-Anderson

"I didn't realise that tea drinkers were so fussy" said a friend as we sat alfresco at a local seaside restaurant. Which got me thinking; should we be happy with a tea bag dunked in hot water and charged $4-$5 for the favour? Would a coffee drinker accept a cup of instant coffee served up at their local restaurant or cafe? I think not! There would be a public flogging!

In our modern gourmet food & barista culture, a tea bag served in a mug of hot water is unacceptable; tea lovers should be speaking up and demanding more. How about a teaspoon of loose leaf tea served in a pot? 

You can throw a tea bag in a cup of hot water at home for about 20c. Dining out should be more than that; an experience to be savoured, something a little bit special. Call us fussy if you like, but we would like to be served nice tea. A good cup of tea will have us coming back again and again and again.