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Cathy Horan-Anderson

Handmade tea cups by Dariya Gratte Image: Paris Hawken Photography

Handmade tea cups by Dariya Gratte
Image: Paris Hawken Photography

The first cup caresses my dry lips and throat

The second shatters the walls of my lonely sadness

The third searches the dry rivulets of my soul to find the stories of five thousand scrolls

With the fourth the pain of past injustice vanishes through my pores

The fifth purifies my flesh and bone

With the sixth I am in touch with the immortals

The seventh gives such pleasure I can hardly bear

The fresh air blows through my wings

As I make my way to Penglai*

An old Chinese poem by Lu Tong (790 - 835)
*(Mount Penglai is said to be the base for the Eight Immortals)

How many cups of tea a day is too much?

Tea times are marked out by the hours on the clock, and if there is even the smallest disruption to my tea routine, I am one cranky mama bear. The fist sign of addiction I am told!

7.00am Kettle on and struggling to put together school lunch for three kids and get breakfast on the table. Need Lemongrass & Ginger to wake me up and get my body moving (if you know what I mean ;)

8.30am Little darlings are on the bus; kettle on. Sit down with an English Breakfast and a bowl of yogurt and granola. Check emails and get a quick social media fix (another addiction but we can discuss that later!)

11.00am Morning Tea time (my favourite part of the day). Time for a chai I think and hopefully a sweet treat (yet another addiction but we can talk about that later too)

2.00pm Afternoon Tea time (my second favourite part of the day) Maybe a Rooibos to see me through the rest of the afternoon.

9.00pm After dinner and kiddies are tucked up in bed. Time to unwind and relax with a Peppermint tea. Great for digestion especially if my hubby has been in the kitchen. That Dude Food can sit pretty heavily on the stomach. A cup of hot Peppermint tea usually takes care of that!

This timetable has not taken into account friends dropping by (add on another 2 x cups at least) or a visit to a local cafe (add 1-2 cups). I think that takes me up to the heavenly Seventh cup of tea mentioned in the old Chinese poem.

Wow, that is a lot of tea now that I am looking at it. But hey, I love the stuff and they say it's good for you so what the heck! Enjoy!