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Easy Iced Tea

Cathy Horan-Anderson

I have been serving iced tea sample tasters at the Margaret River Farmers Markets and a few people have been asking how to make it. So here goes. Easy Iced Tea using the cold infusion method. Cold infusion allows the flavours to develop slowly and avoids the bitterness that can occur when using boiling water onto black or green teas. 

All the teas in our range can be served chilled but these are some of my favourites:
Rooibos Chai
Moroccan Mint
Lemongrass & Ginger

1. Grab your favourite tea pot. I use these glass ones that you can purchase at your local supermarket for a very reasonable price. I like using the glass pots as you can see what the tea is doing and enjoy the natural unfurling of the tea leaves. You can also keep an eye on the colour which is a good indication of strength.

2. Add 1tsp tea per cup. These pots hold about 4 cups which is approx. 1 litre of iced tea. I also add 1/2 tsp of brown sugar. You can play around with sweetness or add a dash of honey. A touch of sweetness can enhance the natural tea flavours.

3. Fill the pot with room temperature tap water if you have nice tap water. If like me, your water is rubbish, use bottled or filtered water. Set aside for 3-4 hours or overnight. When you are happy with the strength of the tea (have little taste tests) pour out into a bottle and chill in the fridge. It should last a few days in the fridge if it is not all guzzled up.

4. Serve on its own or over ice. Play around with garnishes such as mint, sliced lemon or orange, apple or cucumber. You can also combine with cold pressed juices e.g. apple and green tea combos are delicious. Add a dash of your favourite tipple for an Iced Tea Punch (thinking Christmas festive drinks with a twist).

The cold infusion method is just a suggestion. By all means add boiling water to your tea and chill with ice for an instant iced tea. Play with garnishes, add fruit, have fun experimenting. You can also leave your brew out in the sunshine for a few hours before chilling, my American friend swears by this method. You can actually taste the sunshine :)

Your favourite tea can be enjoyed hot or iced, anytime and anywhere x