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The Seven Seas Tea journey began years ago in Africa when my mother gave me a Mazawatee Tea tin. “You remind me of the little girl in the picture” she said referring to my love of tea. This tin was my first treasured possession and I still have it to this very day. Old and worn but still very much loved.

Many years later in a teahouse in Singapore with two inspirational friends and the idea for Seven Seas Tea was born: As a tea drinker in a world of coffee and hipster-baristas I was feeling a little neglected. I wanted to spice things up and make having a cup of tea an unforgettable experience.

After returning home to Margaret River, Western Australia I set about sourcing the tastiest loose leaf teas I could find from around the globe. Each tea has been carefully selected and blended by hand. I package it with love in the fresh country air with the roar of the mighty Indian Ocean close by. Organic, pesticide-free and best practice tea farming methods are my first choice.

Seven Seas Tea promises to bring you the flavours of the world in your tea cup. Take a journey of discovery to India, Africa, the Orient and beyond. 

Best wishes

Cathy Horan-Anderson
Tea Lover & Founder of Seven Seas Tea


Image: Paris Hawken Photography